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Annnd. . . We're off! After years and years of suggestions, requests, admonishments, threats and even downright cussin's, I have started my own Blog! I have written numerous things over the years, from history papers, short stories and poems to my latest creation, the Telegraph Road Report, which is an ongoing series of events that I witnessed first hand while driving a semi for a U.S. Postal contractor. Due to their popularity, and at the behest of numerous friends and acquaintances who like them, I have decided to put them all here, along with other types of news, articles and musings that some will enjoy, some will envy, but all will wish they had thought of first.

As a long time history buff I will include some articles, short stories, anecdotes, dirty jokes, etc., of historical nature, not the drab crappola we were forced to learn in high school; do you really give a Flying Fork about the ramifications of the passing of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff? Of course you don't! You need real history! Stuff you can use! Such as; Did William Wallace really knock up Princess Isabella like Mel Gibson portrayed in the blockbuster film, Braveheart? Just how tall was Godzilla anyway? Why could the tornado in the movie Twister tear a roof off of a building while being completely incapable of removing Helen Hunt's bra? I will help you with these things and more! Movie and book reviews, political, musical and pizza topping criticisms, advice on defending yourself from flamethrower wielding attackers utilizing various pieces of fruit, whatever I can do to make your life more complete, and keep you informed, laughing and ready to face your day head on and swinging for the fences. Hopefully with a rather large battleaxe.

So, please! Read on! Enjoy! Learn! Laugh! Check in often! And TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS! They clearly need to know these things as well! Trust me, they will thank you for it one day!

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