Telegraph Road Report from Nov. 2015

OK. Telegraph Road Report. So! There I was, clipping down the road at a high rate of oil pressure, mixed in with a small batch of fellow commuters, when a small sheet of snow/ice comes off a car in front of me and two lanes over. I watch as it flips lazily through the air a few times and comes down towards the SUV behind it, the driver of which sees it coming. . . AND DUCKS. Literally throwing herself sideways to her right between the seats. . .while driving. Of course, her car flies all over the road she almost rolls it. The light piece of snow/ ice breaks harmlessly on her roof, being very light and barely held together, but she, cussing a blue streak that physically hit cars behind her, mashes the gas and gets up next to the car from which the embryonic iceberg had disembarked, the driver of which has no idea what her malfunction is about. Explanations begin. Hand signals are exchanged. I almost pee. The dumbass thought the guy had lobbed a boulder at her, but the Damn thing wouldn't have hurt her if it smacked her in the head, which it couldn't because she was in her forkin' car. Oh, well. Made my morning.

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