Arab Trucker Loves KISS!

Ok. Telegraph Road Report! (Yeah, it's been a while. Gotta get off my ass). South bound Mound at 10 Mile. I'm at a redlight next to a fully dressed OTR Semi driven by an Arabic dude wearing a darkred/dark blue striped long sleeved shirt like we havent worn since the 70's. While this doesn't sound abnormal, staring out the passenger window of the semi at me is a stuffed Paul Stanley doll. Didn't figure that kind of music would be his speed but he's clearly a fan! He sees me looking I point at it and give him a thumbs up, he puts on a big grin and gives me a thumbs up. I could just hear him saying, "I luff KEES My Flend! Deetroit Rlock Cee-tee, yah?" About 10 seconds later as we're still waiting for the light to change a homeless dude on a bicycle crosses Mound without bothering to check for traffic, almost gets blown off his bike by a car, and then pulls up to his office on the corner with his cardboard and marker sign what says HOMLESS PLEASE HELP GOD BLESS. (Yeah, one 'E'). The Arab trucker and I both look at each other and shrug at exactly the same time after nearly watching this dude shoot up into the air over the top of this car. The light then changed and we were on our way. I feel like somehow we bonded over Paul Stanley and the sight of near death. Maybe that's how we can just end all the war in the world. Just truck a bunch of Kiss albums to the Middle East!

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