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DIY Guy- Load It Up And Truck It!

Ok. Telegraph Road Report. Rolling down I-75 this morning when, coming from the get on ramp at 12 Mile Road, most likely from the Home Depot there, I spy this. Expecting about 15 Mexicans to be inside the vehicle, (not racial profiling it's just that all of the drywallers I run into nowadays are Mexicans), it turned out to be a slim tallish 30-somethings white guy with a BoRics Haircut parted down the middle wearing a wool sweater. We will call him Will. Don't know his name, but he looks like a Will. Like, given the name William, instead of Bill or Billy, he opted for Will. Will is an innovator. Will thinks outside the box. Will is an accomplished DIY're. He has seen all of the Home Depot commercials. And he's seen both versions of MacGyver, the 80s version and the 5 episode series from a few years ago. What's more Will is the Survivor of many wedgies. He knows how to clear things out of cracks that aren't supposed to be there, using any means necessary, in emergency situations, quickly and efficiently. While a lot of people are watching. So, when it came to strapping a load of drywall down in his mighty 6 cylinder minivan, Will's years of experience pay off. Bungee cords? Bah! Bungee cords are baby shit alongside what Will is capable of! In order to save time and money, well money anyway, Will uses four rolls of masking tape to hold the door shut on his load. That's right. Masking tape. Masking. Tape. MacGuyver himself, both of them, would be proud of Will. Wanna hear something even more insightful as to the success of a brilliant Home Depot trip? Will is wearing blue rubber surgical gloves. While driving. Its always safety 1st with Will! Wouldn't want the raw power of all 26 horses in that van to make his hands slip off the wheel whilst driving at 7 mph in morning rush hour traffic! I wish I could have stuck around to see how it ended but I left the freeway while Will stayed southbound and down. This encounter was from MONTHS before the coronavirus.

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