Doin' the Laundry

Ok. Telegraph Road Report. Driving home in rush hour traffic when I spy an early 90's Chevy Malibu with a crushed in right front quarter panel, operated by an African-American woman wearing a do-rag directly in front of me. Construction barrels have the road down to one lane, we are doing about 35. She is swerving back and forth because. . . Wait for it. . .SHE IS FOLDING LAUNDRY WHILE DRIVING. Yes. Laundry. Sure enough WHAM! One barrel down. Finally get up next to her and get the "Whuuut???" look. Since her window was down I pleasantly say, "I dunno, maybe, finish it up at home?" She just looked down and adjusted her radio. I've seen people do ALOT of crazy shit behind the wheel. LAUNDRY is a new one. But it does explain the already smashed up front right quarter panel of her car.

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