High Summer

High Summer. Defined as the Height of Summer or the Hottest part of Summer. In the Southern States of America, the "Dog Days of Summer," when the days are so hot, dogs don't even want to move much. Late July, through August. The leaves are still full green. Days still long. Gardens yielding thier best. But. The Nights are the fantastic! The crickets are really starting to sing. I can sit outside and just LISTEN to the Night. All night. Don't even need a radio. Just LISTEN! Nature in it's full Glory! It's the best time of year for just being outside. Enjoying nature. For me it's when I feel most connected with Mother Earth. Just take your shoes off, go out into the grass and grind your feet down and feel the pulse of the earth. You can so connect with our natural selves. Breathe deep! Feel . Take everything in. Absolute beauty!

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