Testing. Throwback to last week.

Ok. Introducing my new series "Fast Times At Karmanos." Today Mrs. Thorgrim is having a bone marrow biopsy. Whilst I wait, I cruise over to Chik-Fil-A. I'm chowing down, reading an article on the Imperial Japanese Navy's Ise-class battleships, when a lady comes up to the table on my left, and says, "Garbage can!" And sets her insulated type coffee cup down and walks away. Okaayy. There is a garbage can next to it on the other side. To my right is a 20 something bespectacled girl trying to do what looks like homework with a nerdy dude named Ben trying to help her. Ben is showing off his math skills, interjecting clumsy, annoying-but-amusing attempts at what you could loosely call hitting on her. The more he talks, the worse he gets. Ben's laugh is straight out of Revenge of the Nerds. No one has ever explained to Ben that being able to carry the 5 isn't quite as masculine as being able to carry 400lb steel weights, or a machinegun, but to Ben its all the same thing. He cluelessly soldiers on while his would be girlfriend has her hand over her eyes desperately trying to ignore his attempts at seduction via algebra and figure what the "X" equals herself. Finally, Garbage can lady comes back, after 3 different people ask me if anyone is sitting at the table she left her cup on. She again says, "Garbage can!" sits down and begins an animated conversation, WITH THE GARBAGE CAN. They covered an apparent dispute with her neighbor, why her garbage never got picked up at her house and whats going on at her church. Even Ben briefly ceased his feeble romantic gestures to watch for a few minutes. And there is me, stuck in between Garbage Can lady and Marvels newest superhero, MathMan. As much as i really wanted to see how it all worked out- Did Ben get his girl? Was the 5 properly carried? Did the Garbage Can make it out alive? I had to hike. The waiting room needed me. Where a doctor came out with the WORST Goldang comb-over of all time. It covered the front of his bald spot directly above his eyes, but left a football field sized parcel in the middle top of his head unprotcted from the elements. Cant take anymore. Time to get back on that battleship article. Thats right folks! Its nothing but high-paced action here at Karmanos! I cordially invite you all to come with us next visit!

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