The Business Genius of the Decade 

I don't know who he or she is, but Someone is a pure business Genius! I passed a Church, a Strip Club, a Beauty Supply, an Income Tax Service, a Cash Connection and a Liquor store-ALL IN THE SAME SHOPPING CENTER!! That, folks, is GREAT business sense! Think of the potential! The foresight! You can head to the strip club with your tax return. If you run out of cash at the titty bar you can get more at The Cash Connection. If the chicks in the bar are ugly, you can buy make-up for them at the Beauty Supply and booze for you at the Liquor store before heading back in. Afterwards, you can go next door to the Church and apologize to Jesus for spending time in such establishments! Pure genius! Not since Henry Ford himself has someone come up with a better business proposition! There is even a cheap motel right across the street should things go extremely well during the course of the evening, or of course if you would rather just stay onsite for Sunday School. Whoever he is that guy is probably sitting on a cruise ship right now. Hell, if he expanded into multiple locations he could be a threat to Wal-Mart on the stock market. I'm thinking on a possible franchise location as we speak.

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