The Latte

Ok. Telegraph Road Report! Came up on a light and got stopped right next to a Starbucks. This same Starbucks had starred in a couple of past Reports actually. There is a Birmingham, Mi resident looking guy with office clothes on, button down light blue, pin-striped shirt with white cuffs, black slacks, mirrored sunglasses and for some reason I still don't get, the lately popular brown shoes. He is standing on the curb in the lot, in front of a car screaming at a woman inside the car who appears to be crying. From what I could hear it sounded like they were a couple having a fight. He's gesticulating wildly at her, pointing his finger and really letting her have it when he turns to stomp off. . . And, not seeing the handicapped sign on its green metal pole right behind him, crashes into it, blowing his LBGTQWERTY triple mocha, caramel, frosted, whipped cream and cheese latte all over the front of his whimp ass shirt, pants and those dumbass shoes. And of course, me, window down roars "BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" Glaring at me he goes apeshit, not at me of course, Yells "SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?" At her and stomps off. Made the day worth living! Hope he stained the seat of his Land Rover.

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